Commercial Cleaning Service


Our Commercial Cleaning Services

UHS Specializes in all facets of commercial cleaning in various industries. With expertise in providing cleaning services to a diverse clientele  we understand the changing functions and needs of organization for the wellbeing of employees & workplace health & safety. We stay true to our motto of “Quality without compromise” in every aspect of our activities with our client list and reputation growing from strength to strength.

Over the years we have put in place systems and training to ensure that our clients experience extraordinary levels of cleanliness, sanitization and customer care- consistently. Working closely with our customers we are committed to aligning our services to their needs. Our clients value our reliability, flexibility and incredibly fast response times.

Post Construction/Handover Cleaning

If you’ve spent millions in engineering & construction of a facility that you are proud of, don’t shy away from giving it a finishing touch it deserves. Our team of professionals ensures every tough to remove concrete deposit and construction debris finds its way to the bin to leave a sparkling surface behind. Got client inspection or owners visiting to check on their property…Never too late to call us!

Commercial Contract Cleaning

For a long-term association every organization needs a trusted business partner. UHS is your ideal service partner for cleaning contracts to provide you with a peace of mind that your property is in the hands of professionals.

Pre/Post Events Call off Cleaning

Don’t let the thought of the mess it leaves behind stop you from hosting a great event. As long as you’ve given us a heads up, go ahead and enjoy the glamour. Our time sensitive and detail-oriented team shall ensure that when we are done you would be eager to plan your next event.

Janitorial Services

Janitorial Services

When you enjoy working with professionals at your workplaces, why not hire professionals for the upkeep of your workplace. Our Janitors are trained to the specifications of BICS Standard (British Institute of Cleaning Science) and rigorously implement their training on ground.

Marble/Stone Polishing

Your floor Marble/Stone tells a lot of the environment of the property right from the first step. Ensure we understand the history of floor before we plan to treat it right. Floor restoration, polishing and crystallizing is an art we excel in.

Carpet & Upholstery Shampooing

Carpet & Upholstery are the most overused fixture & furniture in your living or working space. Regular shampooing extends the life of your carpet & upholstery while improving aesthetic appearance and over the long run save you money